Who We Are

We are a digital agency that can help you leverage your dealer, franchise or distribution base to dominate the Internet landscape in your category. With our unique digital network strategy, we can assist you in driving results from global to the local level.

“The product sales process for consumers starts on the Internet – let us show you how to dominate online.”

The PowerChord Story

When consumers go online, they expect a fast, engaging and easy-to-use experience – we do too. That’s how PowerChord™ came about. Years ago, our CEO Patrick Schunk was heavy into the music industry in Los Angeles, writing and playing guitar for Stevie Nicks, Bret Michaels, soundtracks and commercials. At that time computers weren’t mainstream and after a night playing a show, he checked out a “new” way of shopping on the Internet. He was immediately frustrated with his customer experience and lack of resources. He thought, “Why is it so hard to find the products I want? How can I improve this?” It’s no wonder why Patrick found it startling that manufacturers were not leveraging their distribution to properly promote their brands – in fact there is still a big disconnect today.

With money he set aside from music royalties, Patrick hired a few programmers and the first PowerChord™ Network – along with a better shopping experience – was born.

The ultimate goal: giving consumers a streamlined branded shopping experience.

The challenge: manufacturers didn’t know what the Internet was and what it meant to businesses.

The answer: develop branded, maintenance-free local dealer websites (aka the PowerChord™ Network) and digital marketing campaigns to bring Manufacturers + Dealers + Consumers together for a seamless, online brand presence.

The result: a functional, engaging online shopping experience.

More than 10 years later, we’re giving our clients and shoppers a seamless experience with retail websites, integrated online campaigns, PPC and display campaigns, in-stream videos, social campaigns, regional dealer locators and content optimization (SEO) for higher organic search results.

One big cohesive network that just “sings”.

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